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T-shirts are thankfully one of the redeeming features of modern casual wear. They are ideal for most everyday occasions and nights out with friends. The choice of designs is wide, varied and ultimately yours.

Make a statement  –  Support your cause  –  Have a dig at the opposition


Political Humour T-Shirts

A range of designs featuring political comment, satire and stupidity

  • U.S Politics
  • UK Politics







Inspirational T-Shirts

A range of designs featuring inspirational quotes to brighten your day


Environment T-Shirts

A range of designs featuring commentary, concepts, approval and denial


Commonsense & Modern Society T-Shirts

A range of designs featuring commentary, stupidity and observation in a modern world



A range of designs featuring our ambassador ‘Manis Tupid’.

When we chose a pangolin to be our centrepiece we knew that we would need a name. Manis is the ‘genus‘ of the pangolin family. Tupid sort of came automatically to complete the name.

Manis Tupid is scientifically correct and also doubles as statement on mankind in the 21st Century.


Everyone prefers a specific ‘cut’, textile and weight, so we have chosen a range of materials. Each product ‘brand’ has slightly different measurements regarding length, chest, width. Some textiles may shrink when first washed, so consider buying a size up, so you get the perfect fit.

Sizes are shown in both inches and cm – do not get them confused or it won’t fit!

We offer a range of light-weight items which are ideal for the summer months and a range of heavier weight textiles for the wintertime. Please note that lighter the fabric items will typically lose it’s shape and fit faster than a heavier fabric.